MICROBLADING (1 hour 15 mins)

Individual hair strokes microbladed into the skin with a manual hand tool (non machine) that mimic your natural hair pattern creating volume and definition. Lasts 6-18 months in the skin. Not suitable for oily skin, rosacea clients, clients on blood thinners. 

COMBINATION BROWS (1hour 30 mins)

This technique combines microblading and ombrè shading techniques. Microblading technique is used at the bulb of the brow and slowly fades off into an ombre shading towards the tail of the brow. Lasts 1-2 years. This technique also requires you to be a suitable candidate due to the microblading involved. 

OMBRÈ BROWS (2 hours)

Done with a cosmetic tattoo gun. Suitable for the oily skin type. This is a longer lasting brow method which offers a more defined fuller brow. Lasts 1-2 years. Perfect for women who love a more filled in makeup look. This is not a block colour tattoo. it is an ombre shading technique which starts off lighter in the bulb and gradually gets darker towards the tail. We can alter this technique to be less ombre and more of a full powder colour if desired.


Nano Shading (2.5 hrs)


This technique is only completed with a tattoo machine. It is more beneficial to your skin to have hair strokes created with a machine as it is longer lasting, less damaging and better suited to more skin types. Hair strokes are created throughout the border of your brows followed by a soft powder shading in the middle to tail. It is more costly than microblading due to it being a longer appointment and a more advanced technique.


If you have had a botched tattoo job done in the past you can have lightening sessions to help remove the old tattoo. This is a non laser treatment where saline solution is tattooed into the skin which will create a scab on the surface. This scab will act as a magnet drawing old pigment to the surface of the skin. Stimulation also helps hair growth return where old damage may have occurred. Results vary depending on how deep the tattoo is, age of the tattoo. Multiple sessions are required as results are gradual. Sessions can only be completed 8 weeks apart. Results are unpredictable and sometimes can take upwards of 3 sessions to notice a difference. You will have a scab on your brows for 2 weeks so it is best to avoid social plans.


This is a subtle technique suitable for women who have lost the definition of their vermilion border due to ageing, smoking, lip fillers etc. Also for women that have quite pale lips and would like the colour restored. It is an alternative to lip fillers as stimulation increases collagen in the skin which can make lips appear more plump. Lips healing is around 6 days, much faster than brows. Can last anywhere between 2-7 years depending on what line of pigment we decide on and what the desired outcome is.


This is a machine tattoo. Eyeliner can be done in a variety of techniques and as thick and thin as you'd like. We have blacks and browns available. Longevity of your tattoo depends on colour choice and technique chosen which will be discussed on the day. Eyeliner type must be chosen depending on skin/eye shape. If you book for wing liner there is a chance that you may not be able to get a wing on the day as there are contradictions such as veiny/droopy eyelids. Dark Browns can last 1-2 years and blacks can last a lifetime. Healing time is 2 weeks.

LASH LIFT (45 mins)

A lash lift is a technique which involves having your natural lashes permed against a custom sized rod with a solution soaking on top which will lift your lashes upwards to make them appear longer and fuller for up to 6-8 weeks. After each lash has completed its natural lash growth cycle it will grow back as normal and will not return curled. To maintain your beautiful lashes at home you will be given an advanced keratin infused formula to help strengthen your lashes. This acts as a primer and can be applied before mascara or on its own. This is a pain free treatment.