Who CAN NOT get a cosmetic tattoo?


Pregnant women, people below the age of 18, has HIV AIDS (risk of spreading infection) CAN NOT get a cosmetic tattoo. You may also not get one if you are on any blood thinners or Accutane. If you are on Accutane you will need to be off it for a minimum 1 year.

If you keloid scar it is also not suitable.

When do I book my 6 week touch up session?

We strongly advise that you book your 6 wk touch up at the same time you book your first tattoo appointment with us. This is because there is a few months wait for appointments at all times and if you leave booking it in too late then you will exceed that period and be charged as a 3-6 month touch up instead. Under no circumstance will we stay behind or work extra hours for failing to book your 6 week touch up in time.

How do you get the right shape?


Measuring techniques are used to obtain equal symmetry in your brows before tattooing will commence. Once the brow shape is mapped out and drawn up you will get to see the shape and alter anything you'd like before starting.


What if I don’t like the shape?


You will get a chance before the tattooing starts to have your input and alter the pencil drawn shape to your desired result. Make sure you are 100% happy with the drawing before we tattoo as changing the shape down the track once already tattooed may not be possible without removal which will be at your expense

and not A Touch of Brow.


How do you know what colour to use?


I match the pigment to your brow hair colour which we will discuss during the appointment and undertone of colour is matched accordingly to what level you are on the fitzpatrick chart.


Can you get a lip tattoo if you have the coldsore virus?

If you have ever had a cold sore you will need to get medication to prevent it from happening prior to your tattoo appointment. The trauma caused during a lip tattoo will 100% bring the virus up and make you get a cold sore. If you have taken the preventative medication this also does not mean that you are 100% protected.  

Are the pigments harmful in any way and how do I know I won't react?


There has never been any known reactions to the pigment worldwide. If you are concerned about having a reaction you are more than welcome to come in any time between working hours and we can do a patch test on your skin. If the reason you may be worried is because you have had reactions to brow tinting or henna in the past then you have nothing to worry about as our pigments do not contain PPD.


How do I decide whether to get feather touch or shading?

Before deciding on which style to book for you will need to take your skin type into consideration. The following skin concerns are not suitable for a feather touch tattoo; oily skin, large pores(in forehead area), acne, rosacea, extremely dry/cracked skin (eczema), anyone on any medications that thin your blood. If you have any of the previous listed skin concerns it is best to book for ombre shading or sometimes a combination brow. If your skin type is suitable for any tattoo method and you are unsure what one to book then please send us a message with pictures of your bare face so that we can give you a recommendation. 


How long does the tattoo last?


Feather touch brows can last 6 - 18 months depending on your skin type and how well they have been taken care of. Everyone’s skin takes to the pigment differently and results may differ for each individual. Some things that may prolong your results are putting sunscreen on when in the sun and avoiding facial products that are made to strip or peel the skin.  

If you are having shading in your brows they will last longer than just feather touch again depending on your skin type. Lip tattooing can last anywhere between 2-7 years depending on colour choice/brand line we use. Eyeliner is on for life but black colour will still need to be refreshed every 5 years as black will never stay black. A cosmetic tattoo is a low maintenance procedure, not a no maintenance procedure so to maintain you should come for touch ups when required.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, a 50% deposit is required to secure an appointment and nothing will be booked until this is paid. All bookings must be made online or in store. All payments are non refundable. We take a high deposit to avoid the risk of no shows so that everything runs smoothly.


Is there anything I should do / know before my appointment?


Please refer to my Pre Appointment / Aftercare page.