The day before please give your eyebrows and the skin around a light exfoliate as this allows for better pigment retention. The day of your appointment please avoid exercise and restrict water consumption. If you normally get lash extensions it might be best to team it up with your lash stylist so that your lashes are fresh for the day we tattoo your brows! This is for PRETTY photos :) and so it takes the attention away from your scabby healing brows. It is best suited to wear black clothing as pigment can sometimes flick around and we don't want to damage your clothing but this is entirely up to you. It is a good idea to bring headphones to ease your comfort when getting feather touch as the noise made during treatment can be quite off-putting. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes late as we can not accommodate for late arrivals and you will lose your deposit - allow more than  adequate time for traffic and parking. There is plenty of parking with the first hour free directly in front of the shop. Arriving by yourself is preferred as the boutique is tiny and having extra people around can cause distraction during your procedure.

The following should be strictly avoided 2 days prior to your appointment (no less):

  •  ALL Caffeine inc. energy drinks, coffee, tea, pre work outs

  • Alcohol

  • Aspirin, Ibuprofen - read the ingredients in your pain killers to check before taking

  • Avoid spices that can thin the blood eg. cinnamon, turmeric, chilli


The following should be strictly avoided 7 days prior to your appointment (no less):

  • ​Fish oils 

  • Vitamin E

  • All blood thinners (let us know if you are on any medications you are unsure about)

  • Facials/peels

  • Facial waxing/ Brow tinting

The following should be avoided 2 weeks prior to your appointment:

  •   Sun exposure. (the sun increases blood flow and brings it towards the surface of the skin which will make you bleed throughout your procedure) DO NOT come in sunburnt to your appointment - your cosmetic tattoo will not work.

  • Solarium tanning

  • Botox

  • Discontinue use of all face products containing retinol & glycolic acid


This information provided is to minimize bleeding throughout the procedure. Preparation for your appointment is vital for good retention. If you do not follow this information provided and bleeding is not minimized then you will risk wasting your own money on a cosmetic tattoo procedure that will likely not work. Bleeding pushes out the colour that we are implanting into your skin. If you have any queries regarding the information provided then please contact us as asking is always best.


Your healed cosmetic tattoo will give you the definition, shape and fullness that you've always dreamed of but it is important to remember that it is a tattoo and not make up. If you are someone who wears heavy or dark makeup daily then you will have to keep in mind that a cosmetic tattoo will not replace your makeup. For someone who doesn't wear a lot of makeup daily, it will definitely replace the need for make up. A tattoo is under the skin and not on top of the skin meaning that we have many layers over the colour implanted that will make the tattoo look dull, light and less vibrant than when freshly tattooed. Over time you will have colour loss and it is important to maintain this colour loss with a touch up session a minimum of 1-2 yrs. If you are considering getting your brows tattooed you also meed to remember that it will not take away the hair growth maintenance such as waxing/plucking.


Aftercare instructions will be provided to you on the day of your appointment.  After care consists of following detailed instructions for 2 weeks following your cosmetic tattoo procedure. Correctly followed aftercare and pre care is 90% of the healed result. Please make sure you do not book your appointments when you have any events or holidays on two weeks following your procedure as you cannot wear makeup in the brow/forehead region, you cannot be in the sun and you cannot wet area for 2 weeks. Do not book  your appointment when you are starting a workout plan as exercise is not allowed for 2 weeks. Booking your touch up appointment is your own responsibility.  If your 6 week touch up is not done within a 3 month period then further charges will apply as stated on our pricing page. We get booked out 2 months in advance so if you can not get in for your touch up before 3 months due to rescheduling or not giving adequate time then these charges will still apply.


True results are not revealed until week 4-6 of the healing process. Please be mindful that all skin heals differently and results vary through each individual. We tattoo everyone exactly the same way so if you do not achieve the same results as someone else it is because this is a skin dependent procedure. Please remember to be 100% happy with your brows before leaving your touch up appointments as further charges will apply if you require a 3rd touch up. READ THE AFTERCARE that is provided to you thoroughly on the day.



























Lips can swell and bruise for the first 24 hours so it is best that you ice them as soon as you get home. Lips will start to be dark, dry and flakey from day 2-3, this is normal. You will need to apply the after care ointment I give you a few times a day until all flakey skin has naturally fallen off (DO NOT PULL OR PICK AT ANY OF IT - WILL CAUSE PERMANENT DAMAGE AND SCARRING). A touch up may be needed in about 4 weeks time but is not always necessary if you have had good retention.

If you are prone to getting cold sores or have ever had one in your life it is best that you take some antiviral tablets(Samciclovia)  the day before the procedure, if not then after to avoid getting one. Causing trauma to the lips can sometimes help resurface the infection so it is best to be safe and take them prior to your appointment that way if it comes up you do not ruin your results.